Ideas for a New Hairstyle

Looking for ways to have a brighter, slightly more unusual look for the fall?  Here are some great ideas.


The Chicago Bob. This is a short cut, usually about chin length that is cut just a little shorter in the back so it has bounce. The bangs can be cut really short to look like the burlesque dance Bette Paige or they can be left longer to give a look that is more reminiscent of Diane Keaton in Manhattan. Bobs are not really recommended for people with curly hair as it widens the hairdo into a triangle.


Long With A Side Part. The idea here is to look like a movie star from an old Federico Fellini Film. This hot new hairstyle looks best if you have straight hair that falls beneath the shoulders or longer. The bangs are cut on an angle and have a deep side part. Think Bridget Bardot or Ann Margaret when they were in their prime.  Paris Hilton also often wears this as a style


Asymmetrical Eighties Cut. In the 1980s having your hair cut so that it was shorter one side then the other was all the rage. Now thirty years later it is all the rage again. These precision cuts usually look best on very straight hair that is also one solid color.


The Zig Zag Part. The zig zag part was the fashion craze a couple of years ago and it looks like it is still here to stay. Heather Locklear is a celebrity who is frequently seen boasting this look. It looks great on women who have low foreheads.


The Pixie Cut – The pixie cut is back as a new hairstyle for 2007.  Modern versions of this “Rosemary’s Baby” haircut (designed for Mia Farrow by Vidal Sassoon for the movie) have become extremely popular. It is a common “makeover haircut” for the contestants on Tyra Bank’s show “America’s Next Top Model.”


When it comes to hair color platinum locks are the popular favorite, especially among celebrities. However it is a very hard look to get that is very hard on your hair unless you were born with a very light color of hair naturally.


Yet another big trend in hair color is towards the garish purple and burgundy reds that were very popular in the early 1990s and late eighties. Think of your hair as being the color of a glass of red wine and you get the idea.