Street Style in Paris, France

The Parisians love very classic clothes. Even the very young like to wear clothes that are well tailored and in a very neutral color like black.  Black was the favorite color of Coco Chanel.


A very common must-have winter item in Paris is the Pea coat. Many Paris girls are wearing very short pea coats that also tie quite high on the waist with a belt. Some girls substitute the plain belt for a leather one to punk up the outfit a bit.


The fat wide scarf that is wound several times around the neck is also in style.  The end of the scarf must never dangle and always be tucked inside the collar.  Yet another Parisian trick with the scarves is to take a large white cashmere scarf and wind it around the neck and then inside that cradle a patterned one


A big winter trending Paris is the large, round puffy fake fur hat. These look best in white, light pink or cream colors.  They are usually made out of faux furs.  These glamorous toppers are often worn with winter ski jackets, a long turtleneck sweater and shiny Lycra leggings.  The look is topped off with a clutch purse and colorful designer runners worn with white frilly ankle socks for more warmth.


Another strange trend, especially amongst young people is to wear white tattered Converse runners.  The back of the runners are ripped up slightly to make it look like the shoes have wings.


Shaggy jackets made with fronds of dangling fabric are also seen on the streets of Paris and accessorized with slouchy soft leather bowling bags and gloves in black.


Although there is more of a hipster element in Parisian fashion then there has ever been it is still quite common to see very chic French women wearing black jackets with padded shoulders, narrow peg pants, men’s style shoes and a wide leather belt. The look is paired with a crisp white shirt and looks great with glasses and a bun.


Not all Parisians wear black. Currently trending on the streets are leather jackets and peacoats in a warm tomato red color. This does contrast nicely with the black denim wide leg  jeans that are also currently in style. Peg leg styles are out of fashion.  Flashes of red denim are also seen on the streets and are often paired with Doc Marten style boots.


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