Looking Summery and Extra Sexy

If you want to look really sexy this summer then try the old Laura Petrie/ Audrey Hepburn look. Try wearing a very long crisp linen or cotton shirt with a very thin pair of black capri pants and flat black ballerina slippers.   This is a look from the fifties and sixties. However if you want to update it so that the look is retro 80s then try wearing a long crisp shirt in dark red or purple over the capri pants and put on a pair of high heels.  If the Lucille Ball look is what you are after then wear a checkered shirt over the capris and tie a chiffon scarf around  your neck.  Any of these looks are very casual but also very sexy and perfect for wearing to both casual and more fancy events. In fact, a look like this can take you from work to a bbq to a club without having to worry too much about what to wear.


Bangles that jangle help you look very sexy in the summer. Be sure to wear ten or more very thing bangles on your home for a look that is retro seventies. To look a little more heathen wear a jangling ethnic inspired earrings and an ankle bracelet.    Pair this with a muscle shirt that displays your body and a long skirt and you are set for summer fun.


A brightly colored muscle shirt also looks super sexy paired with a short leather mini skirt. Be sure to wear lots of jewelry on your arms and a few chains around your neck to make this look ultra sexy.  Pair the look with a pair of white open toed high heel pumps for a Betty Boop type look.


If you are worried about you look in a muscle shirt try layering one over the other. You can also layer two skimpy t-shirts together in the same way.  Find t-shirts made out of a thin silky material and layer them over each other for a sexy effect.


Fingernails and toenails become important in the summer. Get one good pedicure and make sure it is done in a cool Summer 2013 color like steel grey or bright lime green. You can also never go wrong with a nail that is painted in a gleaming chrome color of some kind.


It is also a good idea to smell sexy.  Stick to summery smells with perfumes made out of lavender, citrus, pepper, pomegranate and forest smells.  Stay away from heavy cinnamon, amber or musk based perfumes in the summer.


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