How to Get the Eva Mendes Tanned Goddess Look

Eve Mendez is a natural beauty but she is an expert when it comes to augmenting it in subtle way.  She uses powders, bronzers and tanner to help make her complexion look smoothed, tanned and tawny.


Getting her look starts with a natural tanned foundation. This is not acquired by sitting in a tanning bed or sitting in the sun.  It all starts with a generous helping of self-tanning cream for the face that is applied everywhere and blended perfectly so not a single finger stroke or seam between treated and untreated skin is discernable. This is a natural look that it is supposed to make it seem like you are glowing with health and without the help of any foundation or makeup.

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Mendez cheeks are sculpted with dark bronze in the hollows of her cheeks and then dotted very bright gleaming orange coral color on the cheeks.  This same color is applied in a thick matte lipstick on her lips.  This is a look that is very much reminiscent of make-up styles from Malaysia or tropical islands in the South Pacific. The strong pink of the makeup contrasts nicely with the tawny skin to make one appear youthful, relaxed and sexy.


Her lids are treated with a toast brown eye shadow on the uppers that is crowned with a mauve-toned dark pink that extends upwards and then disappears to the brows.  This is not done boldly. It is a subtle melting of color that augments the skin’s natural complexion.


The entire eye is lined with black eyeliner but it looks sharper, thinner and is pen-like in consistency.  The eyeliner should be liquid and the final result should almost seem calligraphic in nature.  Her brown eyes are also highlighted with an extra thick coating of lash extending black mascara.  False eyelashes on the top lids, in a shorter bushy natural looking style, can help you look as youthful and flirtatious as Eva Mendes.


The coral color of the lipstick is really flattering for brunettes with brown eyes as long as you don’t have yellowing teeth. In that case you might have to go with a bit of a cooler shade of pink in a fuchsia. If you are blonde this look also works as well.


How you wear your hair is big part of this look as well. It looks best worn with hair that is slung back in a very low ponytail.  IT also looks good with hair that is done in one long thick braid.

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How to Look Like Punk Rocker Blondie

The Retro Punk Blondie look is a sweaty glossy one that hails back to the late seventies.  It should start with messy blonde hair that is streaked with black and brassy tones of gold.  The idea is to look like a bit of a skunk.  The streaks should be quite chunky with the brassy tones looking like burnt out bleaching attempt.  The hair should also be about chin length, straggly and puffed out a bit so it is as full as possible.


The eyebrow shape is important in this look. The eyebrows should be dark brown and plucked into a careful super-thin crescent arch. This was the classic disco look and many women wore a great deal of gleaming eyeliner and even sequins beneath their carefully designed eyebrows.


Very thick black eyeliner that is crusty and caked a bit is also a part of the Blondie retro look.   Eyeliner is applied on both the inside and outside of the eye in the Egyptian fashion and black shadow extends into wings up to the brow line.  The idea is to make your eyes look as sultry and cat-like as possible. The eyelashes should be coated with very thick black mascara.


White highlighter is used on the brow bone and on top of the cheeks, which are hollowed and sculpted with a dark cranberry brush.  The darker crimson reds, bordering a burgundy are more appropriate to the authentic Blondie look but if you have paler tones in your complexion then you might want to opt for wearing a more tomato-colored red. As this was the Disco era it is a good idea to slick your lips with as much lip-gloss as possible.  To make your lips look as full and thick as possible try using a lip plumper.  A visual trick to make your lips look thicker entails putting a dab of gold or silver powder in the center of your bottom lip to make it look fleshier.


Another signature part of the Blondie look was to wear a boat neck top that was cut so that it slid off your shoulder and bared the skin on one side. Also during that era it was fashionable to wear one stud earring in one ear and a long dangling earring in the other.


The way to top off this look is with a necklace made of cord and feathers, a short gold lame skirt, ripped black nylons and bright gold lame high heels.


Get the Grace Kelly Ice Blonde Look

Grace Kelly, along with Tippi Hendren, was famous for being one of Alfred Hitchcock’s original “Ice Blondes.”   This retro look begins with many layers of ivory foundation and powder as well as finely plucked and absolutely perfectly arched eyebrows.  Grace Kelly’s skin was porcelain and reflected a lot of light. This is achievable with the right type of foundation and powder combination.  Her eyebrows were so arched that they looked almost like upside down V’s winged above her eyes. This gave her that sexy, but slightly sardonic look.


Grace Kelly’s eyes were usually enhanced with a very plain matte flesh colored shadow on the lids and a whiter shadow just against the brow bone.   This made her eyes, that were prone to crinkling and creping, look a lot younger and smoother. Applying a lot of moisturizer and base to your eyes can help you achieve this look.


Her eyes were edged with natural looking taupe eyeliner that was edged on the eyelid thickly against top lash only and the upper lashes were coated thickly with coal black mascara.  The lower eyelid and lashes were left naked.   To achieve this look you can apply very thick, short eyelashes on your upper lid only.


Touches of highlighter and a great deal of reflective powder can give you that perfectly smooth and radiant look that is so identified with Grace Kelly.  Apply the gleaming or pearlescent highlighter that you have on the bridge of the nose and cheekbones and then dust with reflective powder completely.  Reflective powders have tiny sparkles in them that soften your overall look and make you look younger.


Grace Kelly wore a rich rose tone on her lips and it is the contrast between the whiteness of her skin and the pink of her lips that earned her the title of Ice Blonde.


Grace Kelly also wore a ton of silver-toned jewelry, usually augmented with large pearls. To look like a contemporary version of her screw your hair up into a French knot high on the crown of your head and wear dangling crystal and pearl earrings and a strand of crystal and pearl beads around your neck.  For a real retro touch, wear a pair of white kid gloves as well.


Aside from the beautiful vintage A line gown with the tight waste and the under gown of tulle Grace Kelly also wore a lot of pastel yellow and baby pink suits as well as navy blue military styles with stiff tailoring.


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How to Look Like Michelle Williams as Marilyn

Michelle Williams had a very definitive look when she played Marilyn Monroe in the movie “My Week With Marilyn.”  The look was a little more clown-like then what Marilyn Monroe really wore from day to day. However this is what makes this look succeed as a contemporary look. The curls are a little larger and puffier than the original Marilyn wore. The lips are puffier and the skin more mask-like.


William’s hair was bleached bright white; to the hue of Comet Cleanser and her eyes were a finely plucked and colored in with a toasted coal brown.  She was given the famous Marilyn slightly rounded arch, which has a sloping curve that starts over the outer edge of brow where it would meet parallel to the iris of the eye.


This framed the eyes which were done up in a bright pale frosted, almost yellow hued eye shadow on the lids with dark pink in the contour of the eye lids.  A rosy was used on the apples of the cheeks.  In real life Marilyn wore a very white or just slightly pink-white eye shadow that crested all the way up to the brow and that also created a bit of that clown-like mask.   She also wore her blush in the hollow of her cheeks and not right on the apples.


Williams lips are done up in a golden, peachy rose color and augmented with lots of gloss and white powder to make them look large for the film “My Week With Marilyn.” In real life Marilyn Monroe wore a brown pencil framing her lips to change their cupid shape into a big bow shape. This area was then colored in with a thick matte lipstick and layered with gloss. The process was repeated again and again until her lips seemed shellacked and sweating with shine.


One touch that makes any look a “Marilyn Monroe” one is a fake brown mole applied in the nasal fold just above the lips on the right side of the face.  Look at pictures of Michelle Williams in the movie or Marilyn Monroe to get the right idea. Of course you do not have to place your mole in exactly the same place. Put it wherever you think it looks most attractive on your face.


Another touch of authenticity has to do with keeping your ears and your neck free of jewels. Of course the exception is diamonds.  However, in real life, Marilyn hardly ever wore any jewelry. She did not even have pierced ears.