Classy Late Summer Accessories

As the summer wanes many of us are looking for jobs or want to simply look just a bit less casual as we go about our daily affairs. If you want to look a bit formal yet fashionable then there are definitely some accessories that might help you achieve that goal.


Trade in the baseball or straw cap for a black and white fedora style straw or cloth hat.  This looks a little less casual especially if  you fasten some quality grosgrain wide ribbon and a few fake flowers to it.  A leather fedora is the height of class especially if your normal mode of dress is a bit more “street”, Goth or rock n’ roll.


Another way of looking a bit classier is to take a flimsy summer dress and belt it with a sturdy, high quality belt with well-finished gold or metal surfaces or with leather.  Belts made out of thick braids of cord and large gold, silver or even wooden beads can also help make your summery outfit look a little more appropriate for the season.  The darker the leather or fabric is on the belt, the heavier and classier your entire outfit will be, especially if you match the color of the leather with your shoes.  Do not be afraid to go for more offbeat color combinations such as orange and dark brown, cream and black or navy blue and white.


One way to make your summer outfit look a little more formal is to wear large pieces of costume jewellery. Smoky plastic bangle and smoke colored fake gems can help “age” a summer outfit so it looks less like a summer outfit.  Shiny black, amber and dark blue accessories add automatic maturity and sophistication and so does anything gold.  Discard the thick rubbery sports watch for now and trade it in for a watch with a tinier face and a gold or silver chain and clasp.


Pearls tend to make anything look classy whether you wear them as a double strand as Wallace Simpson did or as a long dangling single rope.  The whiter the pearls are and the more realistic they are or look, the more they are likely to add class to your outfit.


Gold, silver and gemstone pieces that are modelled on historical pieces or that have coins as the motif also immediately add sophistication to an outfit.  Braids of twined gold chains and large broaches can also make a lighter summer outfit appear heavier and classier in appearance.


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