Tokyo Winter and Spring Trends

Tokyo is one of the fashion centers of the world and many of the street fashions that happen there happen on the American continent within one or two seasons as well.  Seen often on the street there is the military jacket look.  Both men and women are wearing military green or military green camouflage jackets or hoodies.  They are not oversized but fit exactly.  The less pockets the jackets has the more fashionable it is there. It shouldnot look like a flak jacket.


Dark navy blue military coats that fit well are also part of high fashion there. The coolest look is the double-breasted look. That is true here as well but the main difference is that Americans are favoring brass or enamel buttons and the simple plain matching black or blue buttons are seen on the streets of Tokyo. Military brands that are often worn in Tokyo are Neighbourhood,  Sophnet, Bathing Ape and WTAPS.


Double-breasted coats in bone, mushroom and light olive colors are also very popular.  Many very young people are seen wearing British or Canadian military green style trench coats that have been hemmed from their mid-calf length to a length that is just above the knee.  Burberry trench coats are bought from second-hand stores and hemmed a bit shorter for a very street-wise look.


If you look like you are about to go mountain hiking then you will be right in step for style in Tokyo. The most fashionable people wear mountain parkas, mountain boots and a backback. The coveted fabrics are GORE-TEX and PERTEX, which help you survive any type of climate change. These fabrics are water-proof and can help in any weather.  Outdoor brands that are popular in Japan include The North Face, Mountain Research, White Mountaineering and Victim.


Another trend is towards the sweater vest with a very wide tie that is tucked inside the V-neck. This is topped with a gore-tex style zipped jacket and not the typical blazer that you would expect.


In the winter it is also very cool to dress in all black. Your boots, shoes and runners should be black and so should your scarf and trench or pea coat.  It is more permissible to have a baggier coat on if it is black. The longer the scarf, the more effective the look is.  Black bowler hats, dress hats and baseball caps worn backwards are also very much in style.


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