Worst Fall Trends

There are some fashion trends that are hot for this Fall that just may not be for everyone. Some of them are street trends and others have been seen on the catwalk.

One of the worst trends, seen on both the street and the catwalk, is towards color camouflage prints with clashing colors. A camouflage print in red and brown on a pink background never did much for anyone. This is especially unflattering on brightly patterned leggings. It makes it look like your legs have broken out in horrible open sores. The same goes for the variations on certain cheetah and leopard prints that are on the market. Who needs to look like a neon blue cheetah or a pea soup green leopard?

Yet another trend that only looks good on the catwalk is towards peplum designs. These are dresses that are tubular and yet sport a wide, broad flared skirt. Only women who weigh two pounds look good in a dress with a peplum skirt especially if it is made in a really bright color like bright orange!

Corny graphic t-shirts were also seen in haute fashion. We are talking about black shirts with human skeletons on them and the like. This looked good on young hipsters in the nineties for a bout six months. There is an immaturity to wearing this that doe not really translate to high fashion.

Harem pants, first seen in high-fashion in the mid nineties, have also made a return and have also been seen worn by Jennifer Lopez and Gwen Stefani. Once again the Barbara Eden Harem look only suits those that are super skinny. No matter who you are your rear end and hips look huge in a pair of harem pants.

Cropped tops were seen once again on the runway for Fall but the problem with these looks is that they do not flatter plus size women. Furthermore, it is a bit chilly in the autumn in most places for this look to be pulled off. Only Kim Kardashian who spends ten hours a day in a gym and only travels by limo can afford to look like this in the winter.

Another big trend is for very long thick cuffs made out of plastic to be worn on women’s wrists. This is an impractical trend for many women because they cannot sit at a computer without the plastic cuff banging against the table. Furthermore plastic jewelry is usually a fad and it gets thrown away. Unfortunately this is one fashion fad that might end up in the garbage dump and not decompose for a couple of thousand years!