Exciting New Spring and Summer Scents

There are some wonderful new scents and revised versions of old favorites coming out this spring. One of the nicest that is new for Spring is Chloe For Women.  Chloe is an established French fashion house and the perfume is cased in square bottle made out of ruffled glass.  The bottle has a pale pink ribbon around the neck and is corked with a beautiful large jewel like cap. The scent is a combination of lily of the valley, warm amber and honey and cedarwood.


Clinique Happy to Be is a version of the cosmetic giant’s original decades old perfume known as Happy. This is a very green and floral scent that is perfect for spring. It comes in a thin bottle with a gold cap.


Daisy, by Mark Jacobs is a mix of wild strawberries, violet leaves, grapefruit, gardenia, violet and jasmine petals to create a very sophisticated layered scent.  The bottle from this deign house is also amazing and features a stopper that looks like daisy blossoms.


For a very natural and unusual scent is Jo Malone White Jasmine and Mint Cologne that is inspired by the scents of an English Country garden. The scent is a mix of jasmine, lily, orange flower, rose and wild mint. The bottle is very simple, square and clear with a simple silver stopper, as if it came from an old-fashioned medicine chest.


Floral Fleur also has a very simple, almost medicinal looking bottle, very similar to the look of the Jo Malone White Jasmine and Mint Cologne.  The scent is also fresh and floral with hints of peach, water Lilly, grapefruit, jasmine, violet, ylang ylang and rose.


Estee Lauder has also come out with a perfume that sure to be another classic. Emerald Dream comes in a beautiful green bottle with a surface that appears quilted.  The perfume is a hypnotic mix of tangerine, apricot, honeysuckle and mimosa.


If you love roses and want a light fresh scent for spring then Lanvin Ruemeur might be the answer. This is a scent that is white rose, lily of the valley and citrus. It is packaged in a tiny pink bottle with a pink ribbon and capped with tiny gold stopper with a ring in it.



Is there any surer sign of Spring then the cherry blossom trees bursting into blossom? For the purists L’Occitane makes a fragrance called Cherry Blossom that is very simple and comes in large pink bottle embellished with cherry blossom designs.

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