Gorgeous Mint Scents

Mint perfumes are light and refreshing and if made by a good company you will not smell like a stick of chewing gum. The scent of real mint is grassy and lemony with a strong back scent of peppermint or spearmint.  Mint is the perfect scent to wear on a summer day when it is really hot.  Mint also has natural deodorant and cheering qualities.


A great mint scent that came out in 2012 is called Mint by Toni Guard.  Designed to improve your mood it is a pleasing combination of middle notes that last iced peppermint, mate tea leaves, lily of the valley, iris and passion fruit.  The top notes are mandarin, orange and lemon and the base notes are musk, amber, driftwood and white peach. The bottle is also beautiful featuring and old-fashioned green ruffled glass flask topped with a silver and purple atomizor.


Many mint scents are unisexual.  A good example is the sweet and fresh Phaedon Oriental Blend, which is a mint blend that also has notes of resin, the salty sea and tobacco.  It sounds like it should be masculine but it smells surprisingly feminine. It is from Paris comes in a dark brown clear bottle with a gold and black label.


A very pure fragrance is Lemon and Mint by Durance de Provence, which is also for both men and women and just smells simply of both of those ingredients.  For a scent with a stronger greener smell try Nest Moss and Mint by Body & Soul which was just launched this Spring in 2013 and that features mint decorated with notes of vetiver, apples and lily of the valley.  Nest comes in a clear body with just a hint of green.


A very nice simple and affordable mint scent is Happiology Yuzu Mint, which contains notes of fresh grapefruit, yuzu, eucalyptus, spearmint, peppermint and vanilla. This scent was partly created with the idea in mind of being uplifting for the mood. It is available as a perfume roll-on.


If you want to smell a bit like a Mojito cocktail then you might want to try Fruttini Lime Mint.  This is part of a sorbet collection of body sprays that came out in the summer of 2008 and that is still very popular. It is also augmented with vitamins and minerals so not only is this body spray naturally deodorizing, it is also good for your skin.


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