Boho is Back

The Bohemian look is back for this Spring.  This is a look that does not seem to die. It originated in the late fifties and comes back for a season once or twice each decade.  Each time the Bohemian look, also known as the Boho look, comes back it is additionally modernaized with new signature elements. Everything from long maxi dresses to big floppy haps to lace and floral prints from India are back in the stores this summer.


It has been ages since we have seen anything head to toe in tan sued. However St. Laurent’s Spring 2013 collection features exactly that. Yves St. Laurent featured a tan jacket and dress with tight long sleeves, a buttoned bodice with threading, patched pockets and a waist tie.  He also featured a flour length floral dress with big puffy sleeves and a ruffled neck that was tied with sash with curtain closure style tassels. All of the Yves St. Laurent models word e the same huge blue felt hat with a huge brim.


This year’s Boho style is uniquely gentle with an almost fairy-like silhouette.  Models from Blugirl wear a circlet of flowers around the head along with a blouson style dress. Pinks, peaches and flesh tones with sheer overlayers and underlayers were prevalent along with larger “painted looking” floral prints. Many designers also showed good old fashoned smocked dresses with above-the –knee length and tight French cuffs.


Some designers were showing crimped looking silhouettes empire waists and gold Indian braiding. Painted florals and whimsical braided hems adorned the fabrics.


Rachel Zoe did a little more formalized version of the Bohemian look. This cleaned up version featured models wearing large broad brimmed black hats with long silky dresses.  The models wore ultra modern fanny packs made out of shiny vinyl.


Light fabrics, lace detailing and paisley prints wren seen on many runways in the form of both lightweight see-through pantsuits and long dresses.  Vanessa Bruno showed these prints along with tan sandals. Some of the carefree silk pant suits show by Versace were comfortable, cool yet statement making. Although these were Bohemian looks they were polished and made couture enough to wear anywhere.  Tie dyed silks with flared sleeves were characteristic of the Versace looks.   His long loose top were cinched with detailed silver belts and apron necklaces made out of sparkling threads and coins.


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