How to Look Like Michelle Williams as Marilyn

Michelle Williams had a very definitive look when she played Marilyn Monroe in the movie “My Week With Marilyn.”  The look was a little more clown-like then what Marilyn Monroe really wore from day to day. However this is what makes this look succeed as a contemporary look. The curls are a little larger and puffier than the original Marilyn wore. The lips are puffier and the skin more mask-like.


William’s hair was bleached bright white; to the hue of Comet Cleanser and her eyes were a finely plucked and colored in with a toasted coal brown.  She was given the famous Marilyn slightly rounded arch, which has a sloping curve that starts over the outer edge of brow where it would meet parallel to the iris of the eye.


This framed the eyes which were done up in a bright pale frosted, almost yellow hued eye shadow on the lids with dark pink in the contour of the eye lids.  A rosy was used on the apples of the cheeks.  In real life Marilyn wore a very white or just slightly pink-white eye shadow that crested all the way up to the brow and that also created a bit of that clown-like mask.   She also wore her blush in the hollow of her cheeks and not right on the apples.


Williams lips are done up in a golden, peachy rose color and augmented with lots of gloss and white powder to make them look large for the film “My Week With Marilyn.” In real life Marilyn Monroe wore a brown pencil framing her lips to change their cupid shape into a big bow shape. This area was then colored in with a thick matte lipstick and layered with gloss. The process was repeated again and again until her lips seemed shellacked and sweating with shine.


One touch that makes any look a “Marilyn Monroe” one is a fake brown mole applied in the nasal fold just above the lips on the right side of the face.  Look at pictures of Michelle Williams in the movie or Marilyn Monroe to get the right idea. Of course you do not have to place your mole in exactly the same place. Put it wherever you think it looks most attractive on your face.


Another touch of authenticity has to do with keeping your ears and your neck free of jewels. Of course the exception is diamonds.  However, in real life, Marilyn hardly ever wore any jewelry. She did not even have pierced ears.