Is Your Purse Causing Pain?

The human shoulder and back is a very complicated, interrelated mechanism that can reflect pain from one area to the other. So many muscles also wrap around the torso and when stretched at trigger points in the shoulder and the neck cause pain at the front of the body.


Women who carry large heavy purses that are more than ten percent of their body weight are also prone to such health problems as –


Lower Back Pain – This is caused by the bag being too heavy. The pain can be transferred from one side of the lower back to the other.  This is usually due to muscles straining to compensate for the weight on one side of the lumbar disc of the spine.


Shoulder Pain – This is caused by a heavy purse cutting into the ligaments of the shoulder and causing burning, numbness and aches


Neck Pain – A stiff and sore neck is also often caused by carrying a bag that weighs too much especially if the purse strap is rubbing up the side of the shoulder and inching it’s way to the neck area while you walk


Hip Pain –  A heavy bag carried against one hip can cause compression of lower spinal disks


Knee pain – A purse that is too heavy can affect your gait and this can cause your knees to slip forward and out of rhythm. It is very common for women who carry heavy purses to experience pain at the side of the knees.


Ankle pain – An out of aligned lower spine can cause the sides of the ankles  just above the ankle bone to become sore and painful. If you feel pressure, swelling or pain here the culprit might be your purse.


Pain in front ribs – There are muscles that attach to the shoulder blades and spine and attach to the front ribs that can become traumatized too tight.  This is especially common in women with large breasts or who are carrying extra belly weight


Pain in the scalp – This is also caused by irritated or immobilized neck and shoulder muscles irritating nerves in the neck


Leg cramps – The body can be thrown forward by the weight of the purse, causing the hamstrings to shorten.  The result is distressing and painful leg cramps that strike without warning in the middle of the night. These types of leg cramps are also sometimes called “Charlie Horses.”


Unfortunately many women suffer more than one of these symptoms and all because they are refusing to put the heavy fashionable tote down.

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