How to Care for Satin Lingerie

One of the sexiest and also most common fabrics used for lingerie is satin. It is a shiny, soft and sensuous fabric that most people find erotic. It is also comfortable enough for every daywear.  Satin clings to your body like a second skin and most people barely notice they are wearing it.


Unfortunately satin lingerie can be a little bit on the high maintenance side. This is because satin is actually a kind of silk. It is in fact the most expensive kind of silk which is why satin underwear can be so expensive. One of the reasons the fabric is so preferable is because it is a finely meshed fabric that can help provide some support to the garment while at the same time allowing the skin to breathe.


Good quality satin is easier to care for than bad quality satin. You can tell the best quality satin fabric by running your hand over it and squeezing it. If the lingerie cannot form a crease when you do this then it is a high quality silk satin. Imitation and synthetic satins will form creases for the most part and are easier to care for then the real thing. They are also often cheaper than real satin whether they be baby dolls, half-slips and camisoles.


If you paid a great deal of money for your piece of satin lingerie then it is probably a good idea to get it dry-cleaned.  However sometimes the manufacturer’s instructions on a piece of satin lingerie will tell you that you can hand wash it or even machine wash it. However machine washing is only really allowed for pieces made out of fake satin or some kind of polyester blend that mimics the look and feel of silk.


Usually you can spare yourself the expense of dry cleaning and launder your satin under things in the sink by hand. The key is to be super gentle. You should never rub or abrade the fabric with your hands, soap or anything else or the fibers in the satin could break down. This could cause a loss of color in the fabric. The same is true treating satin lingerie that has stains. Instead of rubbing them use a dry cloth or napkin to wipe the stain away and then bring it to a dry cleaner. It can be very difficult to remove a stain from saint so usually a professional treatment is required.


To avoid damaging satin lingerie some people actually hang it up on a padded hanger. This is especially recommended for lingerie you will not be wearing for a while. If you fold or ball up real satin lingerie it could develop creases over time.  You should also avoid letting the satin be exposed to too much humidity.  Moths are also problem; as they love to munch on satin so be aware of this if your home is plagued with these common pests.