How to Look LIke Meryl Streep in the Iron Lady Movie

If you are older, a great look for you to pull of is the one that Meryl Streep boasted in the biopic of Margaret Thatcher. Margaret Thatcher was also known for her very acute sense of classic fashion.  The look was a bit ahead of its time in the eighties and very similar to the look that Nancy Reagan was wearing at the time. It was all about wearing a crisp white shirt with a very tailored tomato red suit and jacket.  Sometimes she also wore a red plaid jacket with a very light green or yellow blouse.  The look was completed with tiny pearl drop earrings and a strand of double pearls.



Thatcher’s nylons would be beige and heels on her shoes would be demure but with a bit of sexy lift, (believe it or not Margaret Thatcher was known for her sexy legs) and usually in a high quality brown or black leather.  These shoes with truncated toes with a block heel are in fashion at John Fleuron.


The signature of Margaret Thatcher’s look, all of her life were her very bright lips which were always done up in a cool purple rose shade.  It was a very retro shade, almost the color of a barely ripe crab apple.  Her lips were always matte and done in a way that followed the natural line of her lips without lip pencil.


Thatcher’s eyebrows were very sparse and to look like her, you should pluck your eyebrows quite thin and pencil in thick color with an auburn pencil.  Another signature was her way of having her eyebrows begin roughly where her eye pupils were in her eye leaving a broader space than usual above the nose.  This also will have the effect of making your eyes seem more widely set apart.


Her look was completed with a dusting of rose blush and brown pencil on the top and bottom rims of the eyes.  She also sometimes wore dark brown mascara that went well with her caramel blonde hair. The Margaret Thatcher blonde shade was honey with darker nut-brown overtones, but if you are older you can look like Meryl Streep had her look in the movie and wear the look with bright white platinum locks.


Even though this is a look from an older woman it looks surprisingly fashionable on younger body frames and faces.

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