How to Look Like Punk Rocker Blondie

The Retro Punk Blondie look is a sweaty glossy one that hails back to the late seventies.  It should start with messy blonde hair that is streaked with black and brassy tones of gold.  The idea is to look like a bit of a skunk.  The streaks should be quite chunky with the brassy tones looking like burnt out bleaching attempt.  The hair should also be about chin length, straggly and puffed out a bit so it is as full as possible.


The eyebrow shape is important in this look. The eyebrows should be dark brown and plucked into a careful super-thin crescent arch. This was the classic disco look and many women wore a great deal of gleaming eyeliner and even sequins beneath their carefully designed eyebrows.


Very thick black eyeliner that is crusty and caked a bit is also a part of the Blondie retro look.   Eyeliner is applied on both the inside and outside of the eye in the Egyptian fashion and black shadow extends into wings up to the brow line.  The idea is to make your eyes look as sultry and cat-like as possible. The eyelashes should be coated with very thick black mascara.


White highlighter is used on the brow bone and on top of the cheeks, which are hollowed and sculpted with a dark cranberry brush.  The darker crimson reds, bordering a burgundy are more appropriate to the authentic Blondie look but if you have paler tones in your complexion then you might want to opt for wearing a more tomato-colored red. As this was the Disco era it is a good idea to slick your lips with as much lip-gloss as possible.  To make your lips look as full and thick as possible try using a lip plumper.  A visual trick to make your lips look thicker entails putting a dab of gold or silver powder in the center of your bottom lip to make it look fleshier.


Another signature part of the Blondie look was to wear a boat neck top that was cut so that it slid off your shoulder and bared the skin on one side. Also during that era it was fashionable to wear one stud earring in one ear and a long dangling earring in the other.


The way to top off this look is with a necklace made of cord and feathers, a short gold lame skirt, ripped black nylons and bright gold lame high heels.