How to Get the Eva Mendes Tanned Goddess Look

Eve Mendez is a natural beauty but she is an expert when it comes to augmenting it in subtle way.  She uses powders, bronzers and tanner to help make her complexion look smoothed, tanned and tawny.


Getting her look starts with a natural tanned foundation. This is not acquired by sitting in a tanning bed or sitting in the sun.  It all starts with a generous helping of self-tanning cream for the face that is applied everywhere and blended perfectly so not a single finger stroke or seam between treated and untreated skin is discernable. This is a natural look that it is supposed to make it seem like you are glowing with health and without the help of any foundation or makeup.

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Mendez cheeks are sculpted with dark bronze in the hollows of her cheeks and then dotted very bright gleaming orange coral color on the cheeks.  This same color is applied in a thick matte lipstick on her lips.  This is a look that is very much reminiscent of make-up styles from Malaysia or tropical islands in the South Pacific. The strong pink of the makeup contrasts nicely with the tawny skin to make one appear youthful, relaxed and sexy.


Her lids are treated with a toast brown eye shadow on the uppers that is crowned with a mauve-toned dark pink that extends upwards and then disappears to the brows.  This is not done boldly. It is a subtle melting of color that augments the skin’s natural complexion.


The entire eye is lined with black eyeliner but it looks sharper, thinner and is pen-like in consistency.  The eyeliner should be liquid and the final result should almost seem calligraphic in nature.  Her brown eyes are also highlighted with an extra thick coating of lash extending black mascara.  False eyelashes on the top lids, in a shorter bushy natural looking style, can help you look as youthful and flirtatious as Eva Mendes.


The coral color of the lipstick is really flattering for brunettes with brown eyes as long as you don’t have yellowing teeth. In that case you might have to go with a bit of a cooler shade of pink in a fuchsia. If you are blonde this look also works as well.


How you wear your hair is big part of this look as well. It looks best worn with hair that is slung back in a very low ponytail.  IT also looks good with hair that is done in one long thick braid.

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