Ionic Hair Straightening

Ionic hair straightening is a safe way to permanently straighten hair. It is also sometimes called Japanese hair straightening or Ionic hair straightening. The treatment is very expensive and costs between three hundred and eight hundred dollars.


In this procedure a lotion is applied that destroys the sculpture bonds in the hair, which breaks it down so that it does not have, it’s usual frizz or curl. After the treatment is finished your hair is styled as usual and a lotion that sets it is applied. After this is rinsed out your hair is styled again and you will not be able to wash your hair until 72 hours has passed.


This is not a simple treatment.   It takes eight hours to accomplish properly. There are also a lot of chemicals involved so make sure this does not disturb you.  Touch-ups can take up to four hours.


How often you have to get this done depends on how long or heavier your hair is. Most people have it done very eight months to a year.  It does not work well on thinning hair, very delicate African hair or hair that is thinning or falling out. Most women get this done because it helps improve the management of hair. It is particularly ideal for women with frizzy, curly, dehydrated, damaged and coarse hair. It works bet of all on Mediterranean or Caucasian hair and the results can last for up to two years.  It does not work well on kinky or peppercorn curls.   If you have overbleached or henna’d your hair the straightening treatment may not work so well either.  Colored hair may be too fragile to handle the harsh chemicals and actually break the hair.  Make sure the salon technician handling your treatment knows that you have colored your hair before any processing of the hair begins.


The fact that the treatment does last so long means that you have to make absolutely certain that this is a good option for you. Once the treatment is done it is irreversible. Not even setting your hair with hot rollers or curling irons will restore its original volume or wave.


This is not something that you can do at home. You can buy ionic hair straighteners at the drug store or salon but these are not the same thing.  Hair tools that are called ionic in this sense are really just ceramic hair straighteners.  Although they do work and are very effective at straightening hair the results are temporary.